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Model No.︰ TS165-2
Brand Name︰ HBXG
Country of Origin︰
YOM︰ 0.0


Product Description


Operation weight (not including ripper) (Kg): 17800
Ground pressure(KPa):28.3
Track gauge(mm): 2300
Gradient: 30°/25°
Min. ground clearance (mm):352.5
Dozing capacit(m³): 4.5
Blade width(mm): 4222
Max. digging depth(mm):400
Overall dimensions (mm):5585×4222×3190


Type: WD10G178E25
Rated revolution(rpm): 1850
Flywheel power(KW/HP): 121/165
Max. torque(N.m/rpm): 830/1100
Rated fuel consumption(g/KW•h): ≤218

Undercarriage system

Type: Swing type of sprayed beam.
Suspended structure of equalizer bar.
Number of track rollers(each side): 7
Number of carrier rollers(each side): 2
Pitch(mm): 203
Width of shoe (mm):800 or 1000

Gear 一档1st 二档2nd 三档3rd
Forward 2.702, 3.558, 6.087
backward 3.778, 4.974, 8.511
Gea 四档4th 五档5th
Forward 8.076, 11.261
backward 11.28

Implement hydraulic system

Max. system pressure(MPa): 12
Pump type: Two groups gears pump
System output(L/min): 190

Driving system

Main clutch: Normally opened, wet type, hydraulic booster control.

Transmission: Normally meshed helical gear drive, coupling sleeve shift and two lever operation, the transmission has five forward and four backward speeds.

Steering clutch: Multiple-disc oil power metallurgy disc compressed by spring. hydraulic operated.

Braking clutch: Brake is oil two direction floating band brake operated by mechanical foot pedal.

Final drive: The final drive is double reduction with spur gear and segment sprocket, which are sealed by duo-cone seal.
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